Wesgro Helping Businesses Build their International Networks

Are you wondering how to export your wine from South Africa to other countries?


Over the past few months, Wesgro, the official tourism, trade and investment promotion agency has led several successful virtual wine missions with businesses in Africa and Asia. Virtual wine missions have taken place with importers in Uganda, Ethiopia and South Korea, and have been part of the Western Cape economic promotion agency’s response to the travel ban during the pandemic and the need to support the wine industry.

Using Technology to Enable Wine Exports


The use of technology to enable wine exports has become a strong driver behind Wesgro’s Export team’s objective to continue connecting importers with South African wine producers, regardless of challenges such as a lockdown. In the future, trade missions may experience other challenges inhibiting the ability to travel to markets. A digital solution ensures that wine producers received continued matchmaking and wine tasting support, regardless if they can travel to international markets or not.


Cape Export Network Virtual Wine Tasting

Wesgro South Korea Virtual Wine Tasting, August 2020

Virtual Wine Tastings


South African wines that meet the needs of a particular market are matched with applicable importers from that market. The wines are shipped to market, and a tasting set up. Generally, there are about ten producers and importers per wine tasting session. The winemakers or salesperson is then allowed to present their wines to the importers, virtually.

Muratie Wine Testominal from Virtual Wine Mission, August 2020

How to get export-ready?


Wine producers that meet the demands of the market, and wish to export, but may not have exported before now have the opportunity to work with Wesgro through their free Export Advancement Programme (EAP). Sectoral experts run the EAP, and it is designed to provide companies with the necessary tools to build their businesses and allow them to enter into new markets or expand into existing markets.

For more information about Wesgro’s virtual wine promotion missions, Export Advancement Training (EAP), and planned virtual wine tasting events and more, go to¬†https://www.wesgro.co.za/corporate/resources/need-help-selling-wine