Seven Sisters Vineyards
Seven Sisters Vineyards, Welmoed Road, Off Annandale Road, Lynedoch, Stellenbosch, South Africa +2721 879 1996

About the Winery

The Seven Sisters wine brand evolved from its association with the seven Brutus sisters of Paternoster. The Brutus family lived in a small fishing village on the western coast. The Brutus sisters and their baby brother left the tranquillity of their sleepy town at a very early age when the family was evicted from their home. They yearned to return but were not able to do so give the unfavourable circumstances of the time. Twenty years after leaving Paternoster, the seven Brutus sisters reunited to create fine wines to celebrate their bond and devotion to one another. A fitting tribute to sisterhood indeed! 

Owned and managed by Seven biological sisters, Seven Sisters Vineyards is one of the very few 100% black-owned, female-run wine farms seeking to change the landscape of the wine industry.

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