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Holden Manz Rothko Rosé 2019

About the wine

Holden Manz Rothko Rosé is named after the son of the owners.  This is a Provençal styled rosé consisting of 60% grenache, 30% syrah and 10% cinsault.  With 12.5% alcohol it is a light wine perfect for everyday occasions.  The colour is rose gold and the nose suggests red fruits, pomegranate, water melon and strawberries.  This rosé wine has a full mouthfeel with plenty of red fruits and just enough acidity to cleanse the palate without making it hard to drink.  A long lingering finish ensures this is rosé all day!!



Price Band

E (< $11.00)

Winemaking process

The three component varietals are harvested separately and crushed gently using the champagne cycle.  Part of the grenache is fermented in old French oak barrels.  All the juice is fermented using wild fermentation.  Blending is the critical part of producing this wine with an initial focus on colour, followed by nose, mouth feel and finish to ensure an optimal wine suitable for enjoying all day long.


For ideal consumption drink within 36 months of production.