Winery Details

  • Allesverloren Wine Shop

    • Allesverloren, Riebeek Wes, 7306, Western Cape, South Africa
    • 0224612320 (During office hours)

About the Winery

Allesverloren, situated on the south-eastern slopes of the

Kasteelberg near Riebeek West, is the oldest estate in the Swartland

Wine of Origin district and is renowned for its red wines and Fine

Old Vintage. The farm, which dates back to 1704, began producing

wine exactly one century later. In 1872 Allesverloren was acquired

by Daniel Francois Malan and has remained in the Malan family

for five generations. Current owner Danie Malan and his late

father, Fanie, were among the wine pioneers of the Swartland, ably

demonstrating the outstanding wine growing potential of what was

once considered the breadbasket of the Cape. While wheat remains

the major crop in the region, increasing numbers of wine farms are

established each year to take advantage of the beneficial terroir.


Fine Old Vintage

About the wine

Taste: A velvety and rich wine with a soft and smooth lingering fruitcake finish

Aroma: An abundance of alluring blackcurrant, raisin, fruitcake and honey aromas

Colour: Deep ruby red

Alcohol: 19.27 %VOL

Residual Sugar: 123.80 g/l

Total Acidity: 6.30 g/l

pH: 3.2

Food Pairing

Excellent enjoyed on its own or served with cheese and desserts

Red Grapes

Pontac, Souzao, Tinta Amarella, Tinta Barocca, Tinta Francisca, Touriga Francisca, Touriga Nacional


Swartland, Western Cape





Winemaking process

The fully-ripened grapes were harvested by hand at 26° Balling during mid-March and blended before being aged in old oak barrels for a period of 20 months.


This wine will mature well for 20 to 50 years.