Winery Details

About the Winery

Arra Vineyards Cape Vintage 2008

About the wine

Deep red, brown hue that compliments the age of the age. It has aromas of cigar box, tea leaves and black cherry, blackcurrant and blue berry. Hints of caramel, cinnamon and hazelnut fills the glass. Sticky sweet palate with good weight to fill all corners of the palate.



Export Volume

1000 bottles

Food Pairing

Cured Meat, Hard Cheese, Sweets

Red Grapes

Pontac, Ruby Cabernet, Souzao, Tinta Barocca, Touriga Nacional


Cape Town, Western Cape

Segment best suited for

Boutique, Off premise, On premise

Tasting Notes

Earthy, Fruity, Spicy





Winemaking process

Grapes are specially selected for this range. Hand-picked at optimum ripeness, destemmed and hand sorted on a sorting table making sure only the best berries are going to tank. 20% of the juice are being drawn off to concentrate the juice-berry ratio. A percentage of stems was also added to the tanks, to extract optimum spiciness. Cold soaking for 3-4 days at low temperatures. Fermentation took place at 22 degrees with regular pump overs and punch downs. Fortification with natural grape spirits stopped the fermentation, leaving residual sugar leftover in the wine. The Port was then fortified, racked to barrel and underwent an aging process of 10 years before bottling.


Keep up to 10 years